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Read the phonetic symbols above (in brackets), try to guess the correct word and write it in the cell.
Press Check or Enter to validate your choice.
Press New for a new phonetic symbols.
Press Cheat if you don't know the word.

kit, bid, hymn, minute 
dress, bed, head, many 
trap, bad 
lot, odd, wash 
strut, mud, love, blood 
foot, good, put 
fleece, sea, machine 
face, day, break 
price, high, try 
choice, boy 
goose, two, blue, group 
goat, show, no 
mouth, now 
near, here, weary 
square, fair, various 
start, father 
thought, law, north, war 
poor, jury, cure 
nurse, stir, learn, refer 
about, common, standar
happy, radiate. glorious 
thank you, influence, situation 
(stress mark) 
(secondary stress) 
pen, copy, happen 
back, baby, job 
tea, tight, button 
day, ladder, odd 
key, clock, school 
get, giggle, ghost 
church, match, nature 
judge, age, soldier 
fat, coffee, rough, photo 
view, heavy, move 
thing, author, path 
this, other, smooth 
soon, cease, sister 
zero, music, roses, buzz 
ship, sure, national 
pleasure, vision 
hot, whole, ahead 
more, hammer, sum 
nice, know, funny, sun 
ring, anger, thanks, sung 
light, valley, feel 
right, wrong, sorry, arrange 
yet, use, beauty, few 
wet, one, when, queen 

About Say it

by Javier Jiménez Shaw